Discover Hollywood Beach & the Beautiful Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

I grew up in Miami, a mere 30 minutes south of Hollywood (be sure to visit, but I did not discover the amazing Hollywood Beach Broadwalk (it’s a “broadwalk,” not a “boardwalk”) until several years after I’d graduated from college.  Of course I was familiar with Hollywood Hills, Emerald Hills, and I’d enjoyed some family picnics at Topeekeegee Yugnee Park (most of us locals call it TY Park), but then we would hop back on I-95 and return home.  I discovered the Broadwalk when visiting friends who lived in a small apartment on A1A, a few blocks south of the Hollywood Boulevard drawbridge.  They lived steps away from the shore.  Right away, I knew I had discovered where I wanted to live. In terms of real estate, Hollywood Beach has homes at every price point, from efficiency and one-bedroom units along A1A to huge, luxurious penthouse residences near the fabulous Diplomat Hotel.

Since 1997, Hollywood, Florida has been my home. Today I own a condo in Sheridan by the Beach, a short bicycle ride or brisk walk down Sheridan Street to the beach. In recent years, Young Circle Park and Downtown Hollywood have been reinvented, and the Broadwalk has undergone a major renovation, with beautiful brick pavers along most of the 2.5-mile stretch. Hollywood, FL is a unique slice of South Florida that you might have missed on your ride through South Broward on I-95, the Florida Turnpike, or on Tri-Rail.

If you’re seeking a refreshing, centrally located neighborhood, and need a change of pace from hectic Miami-Dade County, give us a call.  Our office specializes in ALL of Hollywood: Emerald Hills, Hollywood Hills, North Lake, South Lake, Westlake Village, Hollywood Beach, and more.  We also enjoy showing properties in Hallandale Beach and Dania Beach.  And of course, it’s a great time to invest in an oceanfront condo or a property overlooking the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway.  In Southeast Broward, you can enjoy a millionaire’s view at surprisingly affordable prices.

We Came, We Saw . . . and My Clients RAN AWAY!

I have a new client couple who is searching for their first home.  We were having relative good success in the first couple of showings until we arrived at the last home.

I’ll digress for a moment:  Keep in mind, though, that getting access to the home should have been a red-flag.  As customary, I printed out the listing report so I could read through the property’s features – of course this one was half blank. There was a note to call the listing agent for showing instructions, which I did.  The woman answering the phone on behalf of the listing agent simply stated that she can’t help me and knows nothing about the home.  “Call the listing agent yourself” she barked.  I politely informed her that the listing report only had this current phone number.  The woman rambled off some digits and hung up on me – I presume it was her cell phone.

I proceeded to call the listing agent on this new number and a message greeted me with “Sorry, the mailbox is full and cannot accept any new messages”, then click.  Ok, I thought, let’s email her.  Within a few minutes I received one of those confusing and non-informative emails stating that the email address was not valid and my message cannot be delivered – EVER!  My brother (Jonathan) who hosts websites and emails for a living, would insist that the cryptic email tells a whole lot.  Whatever.  I called the listing agent’s office again to complain about the issues I was having and the less-than-polite greeter simply responded, “that’s her problem”.

Back to the main story.  So we arrive to this home and things look relatively normal except for the missing “For Sale” sign.  We get to the front door and my client looks at me and says, “We’ve seen enough”.  When I look up at the windows near the front door, all I can see are the two BULLET holes that pierced the glass.  So I did what any other Realtor® would do in this situation  . . . I opened the front door and showed the home.